Douglas Sanchez

Product Design Leader

UX Design Manager at AWS, Analytics.

Directing the strategy and digital product design of complex technological solutions into simple, inclusive, user friendly experiences.

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Help your teams do their best work with an all-in-one employee experience solution. No matter where they’re working.


Workplace Command Center

Reopen safely with Workplace Command Center. Build trust with employees and customers anywhere through a flexible, consolidated solution for wellness, workplace safety, and facility preparedness.


User Research & Product Strategy

How might we create a compelling blockchain-enabled order management solution for small and mid-size enterprises?


Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet App

Ethereum based network mobile app and desktop cryptocurrency wallet and design system developed at Eximchain, a blockchain startup building applications for supply chains.

Tulip Interfaces

Digital Manufacturing App Platform

Design system, marketing website, software and hardware products designed at Tulip, a manufacturing app platform that connects machines, sensors, and smart tools through industrial IoT to real-time analytics visualizations and production workflow apps.

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Harvard University

COVID-19 Lockdowns & Air Quality

COVID-19 has put the world on pause. As cities across Europe implement lockdown measures, the impact on pollution is visualized using D3.js, Tailwind CSS and Mapbox.

Harvard University

Chicxulub & The End of Dinosaurs

Data visualization of the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Explore the cenotes created by the impact and other large craters around the world.

Harvard University

Jurassic Films

Explore the release timeline, ratings, budget, revenue, profit and ROI of the Jurassic films franchise through data visualziation.

The Cooper Union

Computational Typography

Explorations in generative design as it pertains to typography and letterforms. Exploring the building blocks of algorithmic art and applying those tools to manipulate digital type with P5.js.

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