¡Hola! I'm Douglas Sanchez.

I am a software design leader in Santa Monica, CA with ten years of experience building developer products. I have an engineering background from MIT which helps me work collaboratively with cross-functional leaders and stakeholders to deliver consumer and enterprise user experiences for developers. My ability to connect user needs, technological feasibility, and business impact helps startups and large enterprise companies grow their brands and scale their digital product teams. My strength is in leading diverse teams to build integrated digital experiences with agile and lean development principles.

I am currently a UX Manager at AWS, Analytics.

Previously, I was a Product Design Director @ Salesƒorce Developer Platform. Before leading the developer platform I was empowering employees to work from anywhere with the Work.com suite of Employee Experience products and IT Services. When I first joined Salesforce I was as a lead product designer at Heroku helping simplify the platform developer experience.

Before joining Salesforce, I was the head of design at a blockchain startup building applications for supply chains. We launched a network mobile app and a desktop cryptocurrency wallet. The mobile app included a thorough identity validation process to ensure the security of the network, making blockchain technology more secure and accessible.

Prior to working in blockchain, I led the design team at Tulip, a manufacturing digital transformation platform that connects machines, IoT sensors, industrial AR, and smart tools to data analytics and production workflow management apps. While spending time on-site with international manufacturers I gained early insights into customer needs, and helped provide feedback to business development teams. Using my engineering background I quickly delivered user centered design solutions that adapted the platform to the needs of Fortune 500 customers including GSK, Merck, Jabil, and New Balance. To scale product engineering efforts I introduced a new component design system that unified all interfaces.

Over the last seven years I have mentored hardware and software product teams through the product design and development process at MIT. As a Queer Latino people leader in tech my top priorties are always diversity, equality, and trust. I guide my design teams to shape environments that attract, retain, and promote diverse talent. I volunteer as a mentor for Out in Tech in order to create a more equitable industry.

I have a passion for creating innovative and complex technological solutuions and translating them into simple, accessible, inclusive, and user friendly experiences through design.